We are a software and media agency with award-winning developers, programmers, and artists that
transform ideas into products

Lake O Labs - Video Game Publishing

Video Game Publishing

We help you make your games from concept to story, to artwork and programming.

Lake O Labs - Live CGI - Virtual Production Studios

Virtual Production Studios

We help creators make content with virtual production environments.

Lake O Labs - Production, Content, Media, & Brand Solutions

Production, Content, Media, & Brand Solutions

We create opens, transitions, video trailers, and creative around your brand.

Lake O Labs - V Pack - LED Wall Virtual Production

LED Wall Virtual Production

We have a patented digital prop room service for large virtual production facilities.​


Streaming Solutions

We created a patented system for people to stream, mint, and earn clips.​


Video Distribution

We are creating a web 3.0 video viewing and sharing platform.

Lake O Labs - Mempo - Metaverse as a Service

Metaverse as a Service

We help bring teams into web 3.0 worlds.

Lake O Labs - Web Services

Website Setup & Design

We design, develop, and launch websites on various platforms so your brand stands out online.

Our Clients

Lake O Labs Clients

Why Choose TaffyLabs

Best in Class

Our designers, programmers, and the team have won over 10 Emmys, 30+ broadcast design awards, shipped AAA games, and delivered for our clients.

Custom Solutions

Innovation isn't one size fits all. Our team will customize your experience to fit your needs, on your schedule, with your vision.

Digital Innovation

We offer patented solutions on the cutting edge of digital technology, leveraging Web 3.0, virtual environments, and collaborative creative approaches

Let us build your vision

TaffyLabs has successfully created multiple businesses;
let us help you accomplish your vision

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