Epic Games suggests developers to use real-time ray tracing

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At GDC 2018, NVIDIA showcased its brand new real-time ray tracing tech, RTX. NVIDIA RTX consists of a highly scalable ray-tracing technology running on NVIDIA Volta architecture GPUs and it was officially announced for DX12, although it is architected to support ray tracing through a variety of interfaces. Thankfully, NVIDIA is looking into bringing RTX to the Vulkan API.

According to reports, NVIDIA is already working on a new Ray Tracing extension for the Vulkan API under the name of VK_NV_raytracing. The green team claimed that it is willing to work with Khronos to create a multiplatform standard, though the main challenge right now will be to get both the DirectX 12 Ray Tracing and the Vulkan Ray Tracing to work in the most similar way possible.