Changing Live Production – 100% CGI

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We have a product that fills a need, creating live content at a fraction of a cost.

Feeling pretty excited these days. We have a product that fills a need, creating live content at a fraction of a cost. We do this by removing traditional barriers and creating content with live computer generated images (CGI). A few weeks back we completed our first run of the Live CGI Newsroom. We take an entire TV Studio and Control room and put it into software, SportsCenter in a laptop. We use live avatars as the hosts. Here is our first fun creation, Techbeard just playing around on the set.

When we first started we had a lot of questions, but as we have continued to work people have come to see the potential of content done completely in CGI. It’s really not that different than what you see in the highlight shows, movies and animations, we are just blending them together. Our first product is due in just a few weeks. On top of that, just yesterday we found out we got nominated as a Product of the Year for NAB. We will be in the future park, booth N1334.

Building new products is fun, you have to listen to the market. Our main focus right now are teams that want to make content for their organization but, don’t want to spend millions on a brick and mortar setup. For example, in Esports over the last few years Twitch/Youtube have made individual streamers stars. When that happens the traditional team messaging break down. This has been to the benefit of the individual players, however with larger budgets being invested in teams, the organizations need to create content around the history of their team, around the goals and their messaging. That is where we come in. 

We have a streamlined midweek/shoulder content generation platform. Midweek content are the daily shows you see on the traditional sports, news and talk networks. Over the past few years we have seen the rise of the radio show on TV/Podcasting and basic streaming. While those shows do work well, we believe you can combine the workflow of a podcast with a CGI engine and create a stronger experience for the audience. With the Live CGI system two people can do the work of 10 and you don’t need a big studio or all that costly equipment. Highlight shows, interview shows and all kinds of content can be customized to the team’s message. Here is a half hour show we put together for Sugar Gamers.

The best part, we have the ability to broadcast all of this simultaneously in AR and VR as well as PC, Mobile and TV. That is what makes CGI so much fun, once you create it in a game engine you can take the content and deliver experiences that are truly customizable to the audience. We have removed the step of encoding, removed screen resolution issues and so much more. With CGI you get the best experience possible. What makes this time in history even more exciting is the opening up of 5G technology, where connections will be stronger and content experiences more robust and compelling for consumers.

It just goes to show, if you keep pushing, keep innovating and keep moving, doors will open up everywhere.

So very proud of this team and for all the help along the way.