How do I make money as a streamer? By owning your stream.

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How do I make money as a streamer? By owning your stream.

How do I make money with content? By owning your stream.

You control your ability to make money. Let us show you how.

Do you want to make money with your ideas and your creativity? We all do, but if you start trying to upload to the standard social media companies alone, you are subject to their rules. If the algorithm and AI do not highlight you or one exceptional star reach, then you could make all the content in the world and not generate the money to keep going.

At, we stopped that so you can make money instead of waiting and wishing.

We created a three-step program to help all content creators grow revenue and give it back to their community through revenue sharing.

Here is how it works.

1 – Stream your content through the platform, and all your content is saved in your own content bank. If you are not a streamer, add clips to the upload function. You can upload it from your phone.

2 – Mint your content, clips you produce, and clips from your stream on the blockchain. has this ability.

3 – Sell your content directly to your community and provide them with future revenue sharing in perpetuity. What that means is you sell a clip that is authenticated as yours. Then you put that clip on a blockchain to start creators’ mint to SKALE, which is free. Then they can also move the pin to Ethereum. Yes, the same global cryptocurrency that is accepted around the world. You can sell your content there. And your community can buy the content. When they do, they support you with the initial and residual sales. Each time the clip transfers from owner to the owner, you, the creator of the clip, see revenue. This promotes a healthy economy around your content. The more content you make, the more your community grows, and the faster you can expand what you do and LIFT your community with you.

The best part?
You can still stream and upload your content to the old media sites. That is right, there are no limits to what you do, and even enables easy multi-streaming to different platforms.

What if others try to copy you?
Others who may try to copy you will be faced with the reality that anyone in the world can see the time and date stamp that is immutable that you are the one who created the content. THAT is what the blockchain does for creators. It mints proof that you are the one.

We lived through the pandemic, the changes, and the work getting lost. We will be forced to find new revenue sources when hard times hit. Medical issues, recession, and job loss all push us to change. Why not make the changes now and create new revenue for your future.

You can make any content you want. Politics, cooking, gaming, anything you want that your community will want to be a part of. Make the content and know that with, we can help you and your community prosper.

This is it; has already created the tools so you can go make money and help your community.