How do I make money from creating content?

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Hi, I am Marc, and I will speak directly to the next tier of emerging creators right now looking to make money and grow their craft.

Making Money with Content

Making money in content has been challenging. It has been controlled by gatekeepers until now.

You can make money on video-sharing sites, but you must wait until they give you the money you earn, and they can always stop it.

With the advent of Web 3 and Cryptocurrencies, we now have the possibility as creators to make money directly without the gatekeepers.

But the possibility is just that. For a possibility to go to ability, you need tools, a platform, and a change in the process. However, the current approach creates revenue for many people, which means the new platform must work with the old.

I am excited to say we have done just that. We created a process that keeps what you are doing now to create content and generate revenue. It simply augments and creates new revenue paths for you with the SAME CONTENT. Please do what you do best, and let us help you grow your community and revenue.

Giving Creators Control of their Money-Making Efforts

To enable this, our team at devised a three-step process for creators to control their money-making efforts.

We are doing this for a straightforward reason, creators need fuel to keep creating, and that fuel comes in revenue. Creators need roofs, gear, and the opportunity to develop.

Our first step was to make a streaming platform where the creator had a content bank they owned. Most folks only sometimes read the fine print on the licenses they sign. All of the major streaming sites that make clips for streamers own those clips. That is why we created StreamMyScreen, which enables you to stream and upload clips to your cloud storage. We made it browser-based, so it can be used worldwide.

Second, we created the ability to take clips and put them on the blockchain. This process is called Minting. Once you mint a clip, you can sell it. Yes, you can mint the same video that goes to social media streaming sites. Some folks will ask why people will buy your video or what if they take it and mint it themselves. We solve that in two ways. First, by you being the first to mint the video, we create history and record of creation. That is key. There is immutable proof that the video was created by you. This helps the community sort out what is real and what is fake. Second, people will buy the video to support you, the same way they subscribe and gift money now. The only difference is that they can sell those clips and make revenue from them with clips in the blockchain. And for each sale, the creator takes a percentage, so your clips can live on and generate revenue for you and your community.

Third, and this is key, we wanted to create an incentive model for revenue sharing with your community. Every creator we interviewed said they need their community to be there. They all want to give back. Thus we created a product that does just that. Most people go to video-sharing sites and watch videos, they watch the commercials, and the creators get 50-55% of the revenue from the advertisements. We decided that needed to change. We will launch TaffyCast, where creators will get 70% of the advertising revenue. We also decided to move 10% to the owner of the clip. That is right, when you, the creator, upload a clip to and sell the clip on the marketplace, you are selling the revenue share to your community. As TaffyCast grows, your community that watches on the site will be helping all the community and the owners of the clips.

This three-step process is almost complete. works right now, as well as the second step of Minting. Here is a video we made and minted:

A Better Way to Revenue-Share will be out in the next few weeks and will be the culmination of our vision to help you, the creator, makes more money for yourself without the gatekeepers stopping you. Your clips can be created and sold on the open market, around the world, at any point in the day. When your community visits TaffyCast to view the clips, the advertising flows back into the community, and 80% of the advertising revenue will be redistributed to you, the creator, and your community. This is the only site close, and we are just getting started. The best part about and Minting…all the revenue is in perpetuity. It lasts forever.

Become an Affiliate

One last thing, we have an affiliate program. As we mentioned, there is a content bank in a cloud where the videos you own reside. To pay for that cost, we charge $9.99 a month. Pretty economical service all around. To help Creators as they get started, we have an affiliate program where if people use your code, they can sign up for the $9.99 a month, and we will send 20% each month to the affiliate whose code was used. This is equivalent to our marketing costs, and since you, the creator, is doing that, it only seems fair to send that to you.

At each step, we focus on helping creators grow their community and drive more resources so they can continue creating.